Provides accurate and comfortable upper arm blood pressure measurement with Enhanced IntelliSense technology. Model availability varies in different countries. Please contact our office for more information.

HEM-7121 Specification:

 Cuff usage indicator light

 Hypertension Indicator

 Indicator of body movements

 Irregular heartbeat indicator

 30 memory with date and time

 Enhanced Intellisense Teknologi

 5 year warranty

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 20501510869
Optional Accessories :

 Wide Range Soft Cuff (HEM-RML31) Arm circumference 22-42 cm

 Medium Cuff (HEM-CR24) Arm circumference 22-32 cm

 Small Cuff (HEM-CS24) Arm circumference 17-22 cm

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