Comfortable, with the latest functions. Provides accurate and comfortable upper arm blood pressure measurement with Enhanced IntelliSense technology. Model availability varies across countries. Please contact our local office for more information.

HEM-7322 Specification:

 Cuff usage indicator light

 Blood pressure indicator lights

 Blood pressure indicator

 Indicator of body movements

 Indikator detak jantung tidak beraturan

 Average of the last 3 measurements

 90 memory with date and time

 Enhanced Intellisense Teknologi

 5 year warranty

Optional Accessories :

 Wide Range Soft Cuff (HEM-RML31) Arm circumference 22-42 cm

 Medium Cuff (HEM-CR24) Arm circumference 22-32 cm

 Small Cuff (HEM-CS24) Arm circumference 17-22 cm

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 20501510892

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