9 Auto therapy mode and 4 special modes that can be selected from HV-F127. Pulse electronic massager provides a level that perfectly relieves pain. Model availability varies in different countries. Please contact our office for more information.

HV-F127 Specification:
9 Automatic Program

 The function of Relief to relieve acute pain quickly uses high frequency, which is 1200Hz, suitable for pain in the lower back and joints.
 Region: Automatic therapy program for 4 areas, namely the shoulders, soles of the feet, feet and waist

Choose your favorite massage program from clapping, massage, emphasis, to sorting.

4 Special Mode
Choose the desired level of stimulation. Combine with Automatic Therapy Mode to produce better effects.
 Soft Mode - Relieves pain with gentle stimulation
 Repeat Mode - Repeat the stimulation you choose
 Point and Wide Mode - Each to reduce parts that are small or wider
 Balance Adjustment - For therapeutic emphasis on the red or white side or     both

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 21403512078

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