The simple design and ease of use make the electronic pulse massager HV-F021 perfect to relieve certain areas of pain wherever you are.

HV-F021 Specification:
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), helps to:

 Treating pain
 Release the endorphin hormone.
 Promotes blood circulation.

Compact design
Comfortable to hold, easy to use and can be used anywhere.

Easy operation
The selected type of treatment will appear on a large LCD screen.

Jenis Terapi
 6 Body Area Modes: Arm, Waist, Feet, Foot, Joint (Knee / Elbow),Shoulder.     Choose from one of the modes to treat and reduce pain and body stiffness.
 3 Massage Modes Choose preferred mode: pat, massage and rub
 15 Levels of Intensity Select the level of intensity you need starting from

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 21003715698

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