This is a wrist protector that is useful for protecting the wrist while exercising, for those who like badminton, this tool is also useful for absorbing sweat that comes out of the hand.

JC-7520 Specifications:

 HI-PRENE, High quality ingredients that are soft, elastic, stable, and durable compared to Neoprene ingredients and are able to neutralize free radicals (poisons) and anti-bacterial

 FAR INFRA RED, Provides thermal effects (warm) to help reduce / eliminate pain and improve blood circulation.

 4-WAY,The level of elasticity / pressure on the tool (material) adjusts to the anatomy of the injured body part when used (four sides; up, down, left, right) so that it does not slip easily when used

 DOUBLE BELT, Especially for the type of Neo Wrist Helper & Neo Ankle Helper The level of pressure when this tool is used can be adjusted to the needs of use.

 ERGONOMIC & ANATOMICAL DESIGN, The design is tailored to the body shape to provide comfort when used and provides maximum safety to prevent further injury

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 11402515206

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