Comfortable and practical knee aids are used alone. Made from Hypoallergenic hi-prene, with ergonomic design and anatomy that is very fitting when used. Comfortable and anti-slippery, designed for men and women of all ages

JC-7700 Specifications:

 HI-PRENE, High quality ingredients that are soft, elastic, stable, and durable compared to Neoprene ingredients and are able to neutralize free radicals (poisons) and anti-bacterial

 FAR INFRA RED, Provides thermal effects (warm) to help reduce / eliminate pain and improve blood circulation.

 4-WAY,The level of elasticity / pressure on the tool (material) adjusts to the anatomy of the injured body part when used (four sides; up, down, left, right) so that it does not slip easily when used

 DOUBLE BELT, Especially for the type of Neo Wrist Helper & Neo Ankle Helper The level of pressure when this tool is used can be adjusted to the needs of use.

 ERGONOMIC & ANATOMICAL DESIGN, The design is tailored to the body shape to provide comfort when used and provides maximum safety to prevent further injury

No.Reg.Kemenkes RI : AKL 11402515234

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